The Less Than Typical Subject for a Library Tech Class

Every Tuesday, except the last Tuesday of the month, I offer a tech class on various subjects. Not unusually, the major OS platforms, like Windows, Apple iOS and OSX and now macOS, Android, etc., form the natural basis for the subject matter, since it relates to what most people are using and are familiar with in their daily lives.

I’ve even offered a class on home networking, but quickly realized during the class presentation that most people are not using their own routers, but are using Comcast Gateways which are hybrid modems and routers. This fact compelled me to re-present this class with a focus on Comcast users, and I couldn’t have been more impressed by the reception on the part of the participants.

In preparing the material for the class, my goal was to show participants how they could take better control over their home network by showing them how to access their Comcast account online, which features lots of settings and troubleshooting tools for their Comcast services, as well as how to access the admin dashboard of their Gateway device. For instance, they were surprised to learn that you can change the SSID and password of the WiFi, disable the Xfinity WiFi Hotspot service, enable Parental Controls, and even enable bridge mode on the Comcast Gateway, effectively converting it to just a modem, so that you can add to and use your own router on your home network.

Fortunately, Comcast provides lots of help and support links on their website, making it pretty easy to generate material for the class. Of course, it also helps to have your own Comcast account, when demoing the material. Here’s a link to the outline that I used for the class…