SCRATCH Coding Program for Kids

In January Chuck McAndrew and I presented a program for grades 3-7 using the Scratch program that is free through the MIT website. Through Chuck’s initiatives we have designated chromebooks for use in training and programs. We were able to use these giving each participant one to use. We also projected to a large screen to both introduce Scratch and it’s features as well as allowing an opportunity for the kids to share what they created with each other towards the end of the program. We took advantage of the online resources available on the Scratch site by pre-printing instruction cards to teach basic commands and more involved ones for kids who didn’t want to start from “scratch” in designing their own. The later were not needed as the kids really jumped into creating very individual games and stories! All ages did a great job! Older or more experienced kids helped others and in viewing each other’s creations, more ideas were shared. This was a fairly easy, low-budget program that was very successful. While you don’t need to be a true Techie, it was most definitely a help to me to have Chuck co-present during brainstorming, set-up and particularly trouble-shooting during the program. I highly recommend to other Techie Librarians to reach out to your co-workers to present similar programs!